Friday, June 10, 2016

Easy Mom Outfit idea

Today I wanted to share a simple outfit any woman can wear on a Summer day when they are rushing and on the go.  All this look requires is a triangle scarf, hair up in loose bun, cotton maxi dress, earrings, and sneakers.

Style Tips:

1.  Scarves tied around the head can be either loved or hated by women.  A lot of women just feel like they draw too much attention to the face.  I have played around with them a lot on myself, and I feel like leaving the ends tied on the bottom and the side are the most flattering ways to wear one.  Some women like the tie at the top and some may like to have it at the nape of your neck and kept out of sight.  If you don't like it tied around your head, wear it around your neck loosely hanging or tied around the neck.  The point is to add a little touch of class to this simple look and scarves are the easiest way to do that.

2.  Every women needs a long maxi dress for her worst days.  A comfortable one that allows you to run around with your kids outside is preferable.  I love mine because it is stretchy and I can throw on a light jacket over it at night if it gets chilly.  Black is great because it's not see-through and everything goes with black.

3.  Get out your cutest sneakers, because they complete this easy look and the point is to be comfortable on your busy day.

4.  Fun dangle earrings or statement earrings can also be worn for that extra touch of glamour without getting too gypsy looking.

I hope these style tips help you feel more chic on your busy Summer day or on a day where you do not feel like washing that hair and just need to put it up and figure out how to make it work!

Have a great day!

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  1. love this dress!

    I'd love to feature something from your own collection!

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